March 11 Meeting

The next meeting will be on March 11 at 11:30. It will be held at the UNCC Center City Campus, Room 604. Mr. Daniel B. Sowder of Duke Energy will be speaking on the Role of Smart Grids / Micro Grids in Energy Efficiency:

Distributed energy resources including solar, smart grid, energy storage, and microgrids seem to be popping up in just about any discussion about the future of the electric grid.  As the capabilities of distributed energy resources improve and customer preferences regarding their electric service become more diverse, how can these technologies be leveraged as a valuable contributor to the electric grid?  This presentation will describe how Duke Energy is evaluating multiple emerging technologies including efforts to demonstrate capabilities in the field and to develop techniques to maximize the value of emerging technologies within the grid ecosystem.  Several Duke Energy field demonstrations from the Charlotte area will be highlighted including a microgrid designed to enhance the value of solar on the grid while increasing reliability to a critical facility.