September 15, 2015 Meeting

When: Tuesday September 15, 2015, 11:30-1:00pm

Where: 3205 Freedom Dr Suite 101, Mecklenburg County offices

Pizza and soda provided, $10.00

Speaker: Andrew Holden, NovaTorque, Inc.

Andrew T. Holden, P.E. is a Sales Executive with NovaTorque, Inc. which is a California based company that produces ferrite based permanent magnet motors.  Andy is an industrial engineer from Georgia Tech and has spent almost 10 years in the HVAC industry as a manufacturer’s representative and currently focused on representing NovaTorque’s motors to engineers, architects, owners, OEMs, contractors, reps, and end users.  In addition to his time spent in the HVAC industry he has spent over 5 years in the electric power generation sector as a consultant a commercial manager with international responsibilities.

Andy will provide attendees with a broad introduction to PM motor technology with comparisons against premium induction motors.  He will discuss the motors performance, advantages and disadvantages, discuss the motors impact on energy savings, and present both lab and real world examples illustrating the efficiency difference between PM and induction motors.